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About this Blog

Hello, it’s so good to have you looking at TurnitTasty! This blog started long before it came to this corner of the internet. It all started as a passion of sharing daily nutritious juice recipes, workout and healthy living tips with my friends and family but it suddenly has become so much more.
My goal with TurnitTasty is to inspire you to be your own script writer with the sole right to change what you say, feel, eat and look like because we live in an environment where just about anything is

possible both good and bad and you are left to make the choice to either be what you find yourself in or be what the voices you hear want you to be. Be your exact person, one who plays out to your character like none other. You alone can turn it tasty because you are your own health advocate. Health is in spirit,mind,soul and body.
I don’t believe in extreme diet and denials because the journey to a healthier you is not “one size fits all” formula. It is more of being consistent to make little changes every day. It should come from the inside and be seen on the outside.

Eating what you like to eat and exercising while paying attention to how well you feel doing them is the driving force to being you. Finally, anything that doesn’t bring you joy and laughter isn’t worth wasting a second for.
TurnitTasty is an ongoing journey, not a destination so you will get to see me explore all types of wellness from exercising, to juicing recipes and personal life lessons. I am giving everything a try before deciding if it’s good for me and to invite you to journey with me into health and wellness. Find what works best for you too.

What You Will Find Here